The Oz Peach Breeding Program

Over the last 20 years the Oz Peach breeding program has focused on development of firm flesh varieties of peach and nectarine with low-chill requirements.

Oz Peach has been able to develop superior, early season selections which avoid the problems common to most low-chill varieties. The selections developed do not suffer from early tip softening with the result that fruit can be left to mature on the trees.

All Oz Peach selections of white and yellow firm flesh peaches and nectarines meet the highest standards in terms of appearance, eating quality, size, colour and aroma.

The fruit is characterised by its consistent, predominantly red colouring, enticing rich aroma, uniform large size and its outstanding flavour.
Oz Peach varieties are now being commercially grown in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

Why Oz Peach?

The Oz Peach varieties offer significant benefits to producers, consumers and retailers.

Benefits for growers

The introduction of Oz Peach varieties to an orchard enables the producer to implement cost effective, innovative orchard management practices

  • Less picking (Significant labour saving is achieved due to the low number of picks per harvest (usually 2-4))
  • Easier post-harvest handling because the fruit is very firm at maturity
  • Large scale production is possible

Benefits for consumers

  • Availability of high quality, early season peaches and nectarines
  • Fruit has exceptional flavour, aroma & storage qualities

Benefits for retailers

  • Customer satisfaction and increased consumer demand
  • Buyers, who are initially enticed by appearance and aroma, keep purchasing the product because of flavour and quality

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